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January 24, 2019 1 min read

Alison Coyle Occupational Therapist and Registered Hand Therapist introduces the Manex Radial Splint. This easy and convenient splint is used to treat radial nerve palsy, or any condition that results in lack of wrist or finger extension for any reason.
  • The Mediroyal Manex radial splint is an alternative to a thermoplastic Pulvertaft splint.
  • It provides less issues with pressure due to the soft fabric design of the Mediroyal Manex Radial splint.

The Manex Radial Hand Splint  is made of NeoTex material. Specifically developed for patients with radial paresis but can also be used for other diagnoses. Including, carpal tunnel syndrome, post traumatic after radius fracture, ulnar drift of fingers or subluxation of MCP joints.

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