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NRX Strap

Providing a high elasticity and durability. Breathable.

  • The NRX® Strap is a new material based on CR-Neoprene that can be used for individual orthotic applications for patients with different needs.
  • It can be used as a temporary diagnostic application or as a permanent solution.
  • The surface has a loop textile that works excellent together with the pre-cut low profile hook pieces that can be applied anywhere on the surface.
  • The material has an excellent elasticity and rebound that stays the same during the application.
  • The NRX® material provides a friction effect on the skin that provides an increased proprioception when applying it over a joint or a muscle. It’s perforated to allow ventilation of the skin and can be machine washed in 60 degrees for optimal hygiene.
  • The material is 100% latex free and provides a local heat insulation that can provide an increased range of motion of the joint, reduced pain and inflammation.
  • The NRX® material has been tested for skin irritation by the SGS Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene.
  • Laminated in textile jersey for high comfort. 
  • Has been tested for skin irritation by the SGS Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene.
  • Available in Black only
  • Each box comes with 10 a 10 piece pack of pre-cut hook fasteners. Fasteners also available to purchase separately here: Extra NRX Hook 

30mm width x 3.1 metre
50mm width x 3.1 metre
110mm width x 3.1 metre

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