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Procool T/R Splint Unbound - Black

  • Procool is a range of lightweight and breathable splints producing excellent compression and comfortable support for a wide range of conditions and injuries. Stability without excessive bulk. 
  • Whilst providing full finger function, this very low profile wrap around support provides adjustable support for the thumb CMC joint in the treatment of osteoarthritis and medial subluxation. 
  • The shaped strap wraps around the thumb CMC joint and the first metacarpal for targeted CMC joint support. 
  • An extensive size range covers paediatric to adult sizes and plus sizes are a full size bigger in thumb circumference to fit oedematous thumb conditions. 
  • Function and fit without bulk. 
  • This brace can be trimmed if required. 
Indications Include: CMC Joint Arthritis CMC Instability Tendinitis, Pain associated with repetitive motion

Size: Wrist Circumference
Infant 11 - 14 cm / Child 14 - 17 cm / S 15 - 18 cm / S+ 17 - 18 cm / M 18 - 20 cm / M+ 20 - 21 cm / L 20 - 23 cm / L+ 21 - 24 cm / XL 23 - 25 cm