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TFCC Wrist Component -Long 31 cm

TFCC Wrist orthosis
The TFCC wrist orthosis has been designed with three elastic straps that have an integrated Boa® system. The straps have numbers in order to apply them biomechanically correct. The center strap where the Boa®-system is placed  should be applied first to provide support and compression of the central
part of radius and ulna in order to control rotation.  The second strap is placed directly over the area of the TFCC-ligament in order to stabilize the distal
radioulnar joint (DRUJ) and the radiocarpal joint (RCJ). The third strap is placed proximal, close to the edge of the brace to provide as long lever arm as possible
over the surface of the orthosis. The wrist orthosis is available in three lengths in order to fit most patients individually and in five sizes; XS-XL. The proximal part
of the orthosis has a rounding to not disturb flexion in the elbow joint. A longer design provides a longer lever arm which provides better rotation stability of
radius and ulna.  The Boa®-system has been integrated to provide an individual support over the ulnar side in the orthosis. The combination of the elastic straps and the Boa®-system provides a unique possibility to combine both elasticity and individually adjusted stability. The patient can adjust the support after the  individual need.  To add further support there are three friction surfaces that have been integrated proximal and dorsal to provide more biofeedback in rotation and
loading. This is important since the proprioception of the patient is reduced after the surgical procedure. The friction surfaces provide stimulation to the mechano receptors of the skin that can complement the receptor function of the ligaments
and increase the joint position sense.  The orthosis has a volar wide metal splint that can be adjusted individually. On the dorsal side there are two flexible metal splints to provide support in dorsal extension.

TFC103 · TFCC Wrist Orthosis Long, 31 cm length,
S-L, Left or Right

Sizing guidelines in TFCC download page 7.


Mediroyal TFCC Brochure

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